Offering a range of sports specific massage and sports therapy treatments within my fresh clinic room to help people from all walks of life. Since studying Sports Massage Therapy, Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training, I have been inspired to offer a range of professional and effective treatments to help people and athletes with the daily demands of their sport, training, exercise and day to day life.


Having been a competitive runner for the past 10 years and a chef for the last 20, I understand how training & working hard can impact the body. I believe in the importance of recovery and know from experience the frustration of injury. It was for this reason, along with wanting to give something back and help others, that I began to explore the world of massage and sports therapy.

Treatments List; Sports Massage, Dry Needling, Treadmill & Massage Combo and 1-1 Massage, Movement & Mobility Session.

I offer individual appointments as well as treatment combinations that can be tailored to help the individuals specific injuries/ issues. With a flexible daily appointment schedule, you can book an appointment HERE using our clinic calender here.